Why am I having trouble logging into Online Banking?

Bummer! This can be for a few different reasons, but we'll try to figure it out. 

  • I've never accessed Online Banking before and need to be set up.
    • Initial enrollment can be done with no assistance, and you can do so through a web browser or our mobile app!
    • We've included an additional layer of login security known as Two-Factor Authentication which gives you a 7-digit code by text, call, or an authentication app. That verification code must be verified before you are considered to be completely enrolled in Online Banking.
  • I've already completed the enrollment process.
    • Can't remember your username? Click Forgot? under the username box. You'll need to verify your information*, and then your username will then appear below the words "Reset Password." 
    • Can't remember your password? Click Forgot? under the password box. You'll need to verify your information*, and you will then be prompted to enter in a new password.

The information requested is based on the primary account holder.